Date: 2013-06-16 06:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pokute
Regarding recent events in Ink City, how is it possible that you're writing a character who has had a "traumatic history," in terms of having been apparently raped by her father, but during the wedding event, does not seem to be affected by the idea of being forced into a relationship with a man?

Do you just use the rape card as a means to somehow make this character "deeper" or do you actually just not have a clue what rape victims go through, psychologically? If the former, that's the cheapest trick in the book, and actually on the whole offensive to actual rape victims like myself, and if the latter, what would possess you to just toss that in to her character history without the proper knowledge of how to write a character who has been through that sort of thing?

I'm not trying to say that you're incapable of writing a character going through something you've personally never been through, since honestly that's what Roleplay is all about! Imagination and exploration through events and happenings you yourself haven't actually (and probably couldnt actually) experienced is like the soul drive of roleplay itself. It's writing for someone else, being in someone else's head and playing out their lives ~in fiction~.

What I am saying though, is that you are not handling the situation with the proper amount of care that a touchy subject like Rape requires. You as a person make light of the subject, joking around about it ooc, and in turn horribly offending people that have been raped and molested In Real Life. Maybe you haven't considered this fact, maybe no one has had the balls to tell you, or maybe you/they just don't care. But it's wrong and you should probably take into consideration that while YOU Think it's funny because it's fake, there are people around you that don't share your mindset. Just a thought.

Not to mention you actually seem to ignore the fact that it's something your character has gone through IC, that would actually affect her IC decision-making. you can't just throw something major and life-changing like that into a character description and then ignore it when it suits your needs. Either change that part of her story or have her act like it matters.

You're just kinda pissing people off at this point.
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