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1. Post a comment with your character and canon
- 1a. Choose a Scenario and write a starting comment if you wish!
2. Respond to others! If there's no starting comment, choose a scenario and go!
3. Thread thread thread

1. Cabin in the Woods A cottage deep within a creepy forest. It's pretty small, so it's not like anything could be in there without you noticing. But maybe it's what lurks outside the cabin that should worry you.

2. Haunted Mansion Not the good one. An elegant mansion...or it would be elegant if it wasn't so run down. It’s big, but not so much that one could get lost too easily. The condition of the place makes those otherwise beautiful decorations look kind of eerie and a gross, musty smell permeates the entire building.

3. Ghostly Castle An immense dusty old castle with a huge courtyard. It's dank, dusty, damp and cold. They say that years of resentment towards the wealthy royals that once lived there lurk within its walls. But that can't possibly be true. ...Hey, was that suit of armor there before?

4. Abandoned School This isn't a house! Still scary, though. Empty classrooms, dirty and full of cobwebs, the desks covered in layers of dust from years of disuse. The occasional school book or drawing is the only sign that anyone was ever there. Well, those and that sound you just heard.

5. Carnival Haunted House Seriously? This is a joke, right? A carnival haunted house?! Everyone knows these aren't really haunted! Oooh, glow in the dark skeletons, real scary! It's all just a bunch of actors. Or maybe it's the perfect cover for something more sinister.

6. YOUR HOUSE or your friend's house. Whatever. You know this place inside and out. You do live here after all. But you keep hearing these strange noises. And furniture keeps shifting around when you're not looking. And you can't get out.

7. Other Write a scenario of your own!


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